Comedian Bios

As well as writing event copy for the comedy gigs I was involved with, I also found myself writing a few short bios for comedians to beef up the quantity and quality of the event information. Some acts already came with their own pre-written bios, but for those who didn’t (who were quite often new acts), it gave them something they could take away and use for future gigs they do. Whilst these examples are shorter form, I can also write bios and blurbs for whole shows too, which is useful for your Edinburgh posters. Here are just a few examples of what I do (including my own bio for extra measure).

A veteran of the Bath comedy scene, Pete enthrals most audiences with his blend of whimsy and cleverly-structured material. Using his engaging stage persona, but very few punchlines, he takes you on a trip into the depths of his imagination – which in truth isn’t very far. His unique voice has seen him woo audiences in Bath and Bristol, as well as audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 and 2016.

This relative newcomer’s set is short and sweet, just like herself. Think of it like a drug hit or a British summer holiday. She is deceptively old, a master of the Ribena religion and twerking champion of Florida 2013 (probably).

Performing on the Bath scene for over four years now, Josh has tickled audiences with a variety of nonsensical musings and trivial tales from his so-far uneventful life – with all the dryness and wryness you would expect from a man thrice his age. If you only ever see one gay stand-up where you’re not sure if he’s just pretending, make it this guy.