Content & Copy Writing

So what kind of writing can I do for you? Well I offer a few different services…


I can write articles ranging from 500-1000 words on a variety of different topics. I specialise in writing about a wide range of sports (namely football, cricket, athletics, gymnastics, triathlon, swimming and the Olympics), film (especially superheroes and animation), television, mainstream gaming and history. Most of my recent work has focused on putting together off-site SEO articles for a range of voucher code websites. Here are a few examples:

Chelsea: A Building Project (Football)

Swinging High or Falling Far? Spider-Man Films Ranked (Film)

Which Member of Star Trek Discovery Are You? (TV)

Storming Area 51? Prepare Yourself with These Games (Gaming)

Informative Copy

Recently I’ve been working on this type of copy for a popular voucher code website. Through SEO techniques, I create descriptions of the merchants listing their codes on the website and provide answers to customer FAQs to help them save money. Here are a couple of examples:

Gillette (My Favourite Voucher Codes)

Maps International (My Favourite Voucher Codes)

Character Online (My Favourite Voucher Codes)

Promotional Copy

I have primarily written promotional event copy for comedy gigs in Bath, but my versatility and adaptable tone means I can write for any event, serious or whimsical, big or small. Also if you’re a performer of any kind in need of a killer bio, you’ve come to the right place. One other kind of promotional copy I’ve worked on includes writing for the third sector. Take a look at these to see what I can do:

The Freshers’ Comedy Concoction (Event Copy)

Performer Bios

Vale Farm Donkey Sanctuary Letter (Third Sector)


Like what you see? If you want to hire me to do some writing work for you, then get in touch!