Graphic Designer

Mainly by self-taught means, I have become an accomplished graphic designer, with a good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. During my secondary education, I did a GCSE in Graphic Products and an A-Level in Product Design, where used my digital skills to design and make a variety of different products.

Whilst at University, I became part of the comedy society – also known as the Idle Playthings. Whilst the logo and brand identity was in place, when I became their Head of Web & Marketing, I was tasked with incorporating them into posters and banners for events that we ran. For one gig – which we called the ‘Comedy Concoction’ – I came up with a design which used bubbles and a conical flask.

In my final year of University I became the Deputy Lead Producer of SpaLife Radio – Bath Spa’s student radio station. With that I also took on the task of redesigning the station’s show logos, as they all lacked brand consistency and varied massively in style. I set about to refresh the logos by creating bright, simple, uniform designs optimised for viewing on small screens as podcast thumbnails.



For my Scriptwriting MA, as well as being tasked with designing the logo for our end-of-course showcase event, I was entrusted to put together the event’s programme. For it, I continued the theme of the logo by using bright, contrasting colours and simple shapes.

If you like what you see, and are in need of graphics for your business or event, then do drop me a line!