So I’ve been a scriptwriter for over four years now. I recently finished my Scriptwriting MA at Bath Spa University in September, to go with my Creative Writing BA that I graduated from in 2017.

In my year-long Masters, I wrote a 60-minute stageplay and two feature-length screenplays, as well as writing and producing a 10-minute short play. During my BA, I also wrote TV and theatre scripts.

I specialise in writing comedy and animation, but I am also well-versed in writing drama, especially when it involves LGBT themes.

To have a closer look at what I’ve been up to, follow me down the rabbit hole.


Short. Sharp. Statements. Or deliciously divine eloquent expressions, utilising a broad arsenal of words and phrases. I can do all that and more. I like to think of myself as a versatile writer, who can write for a range of different audiences in a range of different styles.

During my Creative Writing BA at Bath Spa University, I not only crafted cracking copy, but I also dipped my toes into the waters of flash fiction, poetry and blogging. This has meant that there’s always something I can do to suit any brief.

Want to take a look at my Copywriting Portfolio? Then step right in.


I made by first foray into the audio world with SpaLife Radio, Bath Spa Uni’s student radio station. During my three years there, I was probably best known as a host of That Monday Show, a fortnightly magazine programme.

I then moved on to hosting and producing podcasts, namely Pete & Josh are Old & Odd, which I do alongside comedy friend Peter Jones (no, not that one). You can check us out on Apple Podcasts, or listen to the episode below.

Amongst Other Things

As well as being a scriptwriter, copywriter and podcaster; I do pursue a range of other creative exploits as well. The beautiful thing with writing is that it opens up so many other avenues that can be explored.

So, for the past three-or-so years I’ve been doing stand-up comedy, which I think has greatly helped my comedic voice. Doing live stand-up is a great barometer for finding out whether something I think is funny is also funny to other people.

The one thing that set me off on the path of writing was illustration, writing and drawing comic strips from a young age introduced me into the world of original storytelling. And I still do draw cartoons from time to time nowadays.

My passion for drawing on paper has translated to digital graphic design work also, where I am mostly self-taught. This think this feeds in well with copywriting – knowing what words to put in designs can be greatly influenced by the designs themselves.

Get In Touch

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In addition to that, you can catch me on Twitter and Facebook to keep abreast of my current projects, and also Instagram to see how they’re taking shape.